Tuesday, September 25, 2012

WA Designer Collections

I was lucky to be invited to cover the incredible work of WA's finest this week as a part of Perth Fashion Festival 2012
The WA Designer Collections were electric. The night felt like it was on fire, with an amazing display of diverse and outstanding collections. As you will see the range of designs are so vast, with inspirations being drawn from colour, structure, tribal influences, girly romance, and more, all celebrating the beauty of the female form. 
Here are my highlights, with the exception of PeppermintMilk's collection which I have posted previously here

Tindale presented a dramatic collection, featuring amazing beaded details and draping. I loved the deep V plunging necklines and the blood red cape dress. I mean, I wore a cape as a kid, and I secretly still want to. Everyone is their own superhero, should they choose to accept the challenge. 

Alushia-Sanchia's tribal/ native american influenced presentation was at once theatrical, wearable and cool. I love her stack bangles and cuffs. I didn't get any closer images of the jewellery sadly, but if you head to her website you are in for a treat. 
The cute shorts, maxi dresses and playsuits shown are so perfect for day to night in summer. 
With outstanding millinery by Chantelle Malone, this collection blew me away. I love a good show.  
(The first image is also from the Alushia-Sanchia collection).

Anna Excell
Anna Excell appears to be a godsend. I believe that I could wear her jumpsuits all summer/ spring. 
One in every colour would work. It'd be like my new personal uniform. 
Orange on Mondays to kick start a creative week, Blush Pink Tuesdays, Fuschia Wednesdays, Moody Maroon on Thursdays, (long sleeved) Orange on Fridays and mix it up with a bright Pink T-shirt dress on Saturday. Solid work. Uh. WOW.

Betty Tran
I think I need to have a word with Betty Tran. 
"You are too damn cool!" 
Mixing electric blues, emerald greens, black fitted dainty lace and simple shirts that Karl Lagerfeld would order, this collection was insane. 
In a Janelle Monae meets that girl in the office who always looks flawless and dynamic way, Betty Tran rocks it. 
Big time. 

On A Whim
Presented sweet feminine pieces perfect for the Spring Wedding season. Invited to something and have no idea where to look for a dress? On A Whim has you covered, and you'd find yourself wearing the dress over and over for years to come. 

This look perfectly summed up this strong wearable collection. Fiercely cut, with striking illuminant fabrics, Catini is sleek, sexy and sharp.  

Wild Horses
These pieces were just divine. If you are going to accessorise, start here and wear a statement with everything, every day. Dare 'ya.

Little Gracie
Little Gracie are a favourite of most young WA women. At once innocent and sweet, LG are also sexy and whimsical. I loved the lavender dresses and florals, blue full skirt dress and of course the signature balloons. I am very keen to get my hands on a dress by LG, now which one...

More to follow. Nell. 

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