Sunday, September 23, 2012

David Downton


Today thanks to enex100 I was able to meet with David Downton, who is in my opinion, one of the most beautiful fashion illustrators in the world. I have been inspired by his work for years. I used some of his images to learn techniques from during my illustration class days. 

Enex100 are exhibiting 'Drawn To Fashion' featuring some of Downton's most incredible pieces up until the 7th of October. You may recognise his work from the likes of Vogue, (he collaborated with Vogue Australia in 2009 to produce a limited edition copy of the 50th Anniversary edition featuring four different covers of the regal Cate Blanchett), Tiffany's, Dior, Chanel, Top Shop and many more. 

Enthusiasts keen to meet the influential illustrator got in early and eagerly lined up for a quick chat and to have their copy of his book, 'Masters of Fashion Illustration'. 
These were snapped up so fast I missed a copy! 

I asked how often he spends time drawing these days, with a busy flying schedule that takes him from the UK to Dubai, to San Fransisco to Paris and all sorts of places in between. He still draws at the major shows, but found that this year in particular was one spent travelling and talking with people about illustration, thanks to the renewed interest in the art form. 

Downton created a limited edition tote bag for the exhibition, which I was very lucky to have signed. enex100 are giving these away as a gift to shoppers who spend over $200 on fashion.
Head on in and take a look at this beautiful exhibition. 

Outfit note:
Harlesden Fern silk hand painted top from Periscope,
Zimmermann Silk Skater Skirt,
D & G clutch from
Gorman pumps

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