Friday, September 21, 2012




The amazing Perth Bloggers who participated in the Perth Fashion Festival Restyle Challenge this morning walked the runway in Forrest Place.

The challenge had been for the participating bloggers to shop only at Op Shops for 30 Days of Restyle.
Someone else's "I am never going to wear that again" is another persons "I can rock this".

The show was so much fun. An enthusiastic crowd, cheered and clapped each blogger. 
This challenge, supported by Lotterywest, is a clear example that you can find all sorts of style if you take a chance to look, and it doesn't need to cost the earth. There are amazing Op Shops out there.
 The bloggers were joined by lovely Perth Op Shop Volunteers who wore their favorite thrifted looks. 

I thrift store shop all the time, and have found so many amazing pieces over the years.
I decided to wear my Moschino thrifted $10 Monopoly Jeans to the show which I found, having stopped by an Op Shop inspired by the Restyle Bloggers. Score!
Amazing work ladies! For more check out

The Bloggers were...

While the One Fell Swoop Opening Night Party was incredibly cool, it all feels like it went by in a big blur! 
Stay tuned for tons more Perth Fashion Festival 2012 coverage. xx

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  1. Restyle challenge looks like it was a lot of fun! And your jeans are excellent!! :D