Tuesday, September 18, 2012



Jazzy Nail Art! If you want to get some Jazzy Nails happening I can highly recommend Bobbi Jo, she does mine, these were so cute. Check out the link below to her site. x

With the beautiful Le Fanciulle girls Trish and Steph with their gorgeous pal Sinéad
With the darling Kate

Hosted by the lovely Hannah and Emma from All of the Above Creative at 140 Perth Remedy celebrated Spring Fashion, embracing local Designers and Artists, with funds being raised for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

The walls lined with beautiful pieces up for silent auction, vintage apothecary bottles sprouted yellow blooms, pretty live music, great wine and sushi made the entire night a full sensory Spring experience. Girls dressed in beautiful vintage yellow toned dresses, hair adorned with yellow flowers skipped around making everyone feel welcome, while towering models were prepped for the runway. Please excuse my lack of quality pics, I ran out of the house without my camera! (Stupid move! Which I will not repeat!)

Local designers Zsadar, Garth Cook and Little Gracie, Peppermint Milk, On A Whim, Tindale, The Butcher and The Crow, Raspberry + Pop and Kim Barton all presented looks, which were donated and up for auction.
 Artists Pippa McManus, Andy Quilty and Anya Brock all donated pieces as well.

I managed to catch up with the incredible Maevana of PeppermintMilk who I know has been flat chat getting her pieces ready for Perth Fashion Festival. Back during our WAAPA days, I would see her in the Costume/ Design hallway and just die over her clothes. There was one pale blue dress she wore which I swear was the BEST dress I have ever seen! Considering her labels aesthetic is at once feminine, sexy and has a nod to costume history, I know she is busy coming up with all kinds of magic to share. The boning that goes into each dress alone, as well as exquisite fabric choices speak for themselves. If you get along to the WA Designer Collections show be sure to check out her pieces. 

I was so happy to meet Trish and Steph of Le Fanciulle, who are the most fashionable Med students ever. How on earth they manage to blog, DIY up a storm and study Medicine is beyond me. You ladies rock.

I was happy to tote some personalized nail art care of Jazzy Nail Art. Bobbi-Jo gave my nails matching peter-pan collars to my Lover Winona Skater Dress. If you are wanting to jazz up your nails for PFF, a special occasion, or you know, the occasion of 'life' get in touch with Bobbi Jo through the Facebook page link above or email jazzynailart@gmail.com 

Thanks to Kate for being my date (and taking some pics for me) and to Lover for making amazing dresses. Seriously, can I wear that one all the time? Please? 



  1. Look at you rocking your new dress!! It looks great on you :-) I was drooling over it when you posted about it the other week (or am I just dreaming and getting it confused with another dres??). Sounds like you had an amazing time xx

  2. Haha yep thats the one! Thanks Jade. Is it such a fashion faux pas that I want to wear it again so soon?

  3. It was so good to properly meet you! :)

    See you at some PFF things soon, I'm sure!

    Steph xx