Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hella positive for real

"What you been doing Nell?" I hear you!
Loving/ living it up in Perth! Seeing my lovely friends is the best thing ever. 
I have busily been catching up with people I love, seeing shows, going on little adventures. 

I checked out WAAPA's production of The Crucible, which was incredible. It was so nice to spend an evening in the company of the wonderful Michael Jenn, who is THE nicest man ever. Big congrats to Stephanie Hains for her design, and to the crew for putting it all together, the impeding deciduous forest was both haunting and beautiful.

Last night I went to No Lights No Lycra, which is essentially dancing in the dark, with friends. 
I love crazy dancing, and the grin on my face although unseen, was plastered there the entire time. 
Big snaps to Bjazz for her amazing DJ set! Soooo much fun! 

I have also been busily ticking things off of my list, moving states meant I needed a few bits and pieces, and getting a little sports gear/ workout outfits ready, before I start with my personal trainer. I was literally that person asking for the blackest sneakers possible. Thank goodness for Stella McCartney for Adidas!

My shoes! Mostly by Gorman who make the best shoes. I love them. 
Also Ellery sandals, L.A.M.B pumps and Tristain Blair boots. 

Got my tickets sorted for Remedy, now who else is coming? 
Tickets are available at Pigeonhole and All of The Above Creative

Catching my girl Emma for breakfast. Super comfy in a T by Alexander Wang tee, Camilla and Marc Jeans and Cons. 

From the beloved Perth label Flannel a skater dress I can not wait to rock this spring and a Lover dress I want to wear, all the time! And finally this weeks October issues to sift through.

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  1. I'm super stoked that you're living in Perth! Yayyy!! Our blogging pool keeps growing with amazing bloggers!! Also - I'm thinking about stealing that Flannel dress from you. It looks amazing. It's one of those pieces that would work so well for both day and night :-) xx