Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Zara opens in Adelaide

Looking forward to checking out the new Zara store tomorrow. I will really need a good Cibo's coffee after the 8am media launch! But it will be great to see how it is received here.

I love how up to date, fun and exciting their lines are. While I traveled recently my suitcase got left behind, somewhere between Australia and Prague, so I had to buy a whole wardrobe of clothes to get me by the week I would be bare! The best solution was to shop at Zara. The quality is great, and my travel companions and I had a lot of fun picking outfits for me, and styling my looks. I secured myself a couple of silk shirts, jeans, a skirt, a dress, a blazer and shoes. I was all set with those key pieces, and was all bright and colorful for the summer. I'll add some pics of what I picked...

So I am not sure if tomorrow I will wear the Twenty8twelve dress I just got, or a cute vintage dress... we'll see where my head is at at 6am. Eek, but so worth it.

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