Thursday, November 24, 2011

ZARA Launch

This morning's Zara launch was a lot of fun. We were given a guided tour through the two-level store, and a chance to shop before they opened up to the line of fashion lovers outside. With a local radio station broadcasting out the front and a team of "hot gents" in watermelon shorts outside, there certainly was a buzzing atmosphere. I love that fashion can give that to us.

Zara's third store in Australia, is the largest. It was modeled on the NY Fifth Ave store and proves to be sleek and exciting. Each area is designed to be like a boutique, with accessories to compliment each line along with the pieces. The store covers a large range of mens, womens and babies and childrens fashions. There are covetable items from Corporate, Casuals, Urban, Street, Semi Formal to amazing accessories and we are lucky to have a large percentage of designs that are exclusive to Australia. I loved the mens collections! The relaxed unstructured linen blazer (without lining) will be a great piece for summer, and the suits, complete with velvet bow ties are super slick. I recently discovered how fun it is to shop for children, and Zara has a lot of cute pieces on offer. There is a girls line especially for our Australian Summer Christmas complete with butterflies and sequins, something I know I would have loved spinning around in as a little one. (Who are we kidding? I love myself some sequins now!)

I was quite happy to find some pieces to add to my wardrobe that will act as stand out, or basics. Some of the pieces I bought in Europe are available here too, so if you liked anything in my previous post you are in luck. The blue and fawn silk oversized shirt is so breezy in summer! But I did notice the blue dress was flying off the racks pretty darn fast! Get in quick cause it is a dream to wear.

I will add some snaps I took of the store, before everyone came in and the real hysteria began. It was a mixture of fun, and a little worrying to see some women running around barefoot looking for shoes sizes! For myself I snapped up a couple of the lazer cut lace tops and one of the notable mustard yellow blazers, (they were going fast!) which I am completely in love with. That I will pair with jeans, and a white tank, with shorts, a dress or over black for more of a rock and roll kind of look. Had to stop myself from grabbing one of the sequin blazers or dress as well. So great!

The store is at the newly revamped Burnside Village (ps, make sure you leave time to check it all out and grab a coffee under the gum tree!) and is open long hours to start, so go take a look. Oh and my tip is, if you love it grab it, or else it will be gone!


  1. Hey Jenelle, it was lovely to meet you today and thanks for following. It was such a great tour, I was so impressed with Zara's range of shoes, am totally coveting everything in watermelon and mustard and hope one day to drag my fiance in to buy him some nice slim fit shirts. Sadly, Jacquie and I had to go straight to work after, so no shopping yet. Can't wait to see pics of what you bought. :)

  2. Hey Lauren, likewise. Oh the shoes are great. I will be wanting to add more soon to my collection, particularly the neon watermelon ones. Oh you have a fiance to dress! That is so cool. I saw the mens ware and was thinking "Damn! Find me a man to dress!" So so loved their stuff. And the big mens crocodile-esque brown bag. So cool. I shall post pics when I can find someone to take some for me!


  3. Love Zara :) !
    xoxo from spain love

  4. Nice pics, Zara is a great invention!!!

  5. wow Jenelle, your blog is simply wonderful!!!
    I love it!
    ciao my dear friend and see you soon!


  6. loving the purple skirt and yellow top. great combo. so glad I found your blog. definitely following. If you get a sec I'd love to hear what you think of my fashion blog. It's all about the adventures of a southern girl turned LA stylist. xo

  7. ohh another zara! loving the sequins as well!