Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Morning.

Went for a drive. Sunny, warm and beautiful day. Glad to be here. Love that live so close to the country and can feed horses overlooking the sea.

Currently listening to a small stack of new albums thanks to post Christmas sales, finally caught up on a bunch of this years releases. Including Janelle Monae, Goldfrapp (Head First), Birds of Tokyo and Arcade Fire (The Suburbs) and a lot more.

Currently smiling, thinking of recent conversations with friends who I hadn't seen in ages. Happy not to be indoors watching films. Sad that every film seen recently has been awful. Hope you are all having a wonderful New Years weekend. x

Pictured: Hussy romper, black wool floppy hat, Ray Bans and Black suede flats from Zu.


  1. thanks! It has little hearts cut out around the brim, it is super cute.