Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Least We Forget

My favorite skirt ever. Been wearing it since I was a teenager after I scored it from my Nanna's closet. Only recently got the jacket to match from my Auntie, who'd had it for a while, it'll need a few alterations and it's good to go. Actually wore this outfit at a job interview recently, where I fainted (eek! How embarrassing) but was so glad I didn't damage the skirt! Ha ha, managed to carpet burn myself as I fell, but luckily skirt remained a-okay! Pleated skirts are so much fun.

Also wearing my Christmas present to myself the rose gold Mimco fob watch, love love love. Must take a close up pic. And the Mimi loves jimi boots which I can't take off at the moment.
Pictured the cute backside spots on a pony I fed on the weekend. It was very sweet. On second thoughts, I'll add a pic of it's face...


  1. i love that skirt, great piece to dress up down!!

  2. Yes, plus it's fun to twirl in! :)

  3. love this skirt must find myself something similar... know anywhere selling something like it?

  4. Hmm, op shop trolling aside, I have only seen ridiculously expensive pleated skirts lately, which is too much. I shall keep an eye out and get back to you, will suit you that is for sure!