Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Glorious kind and always on time like pearls on a string

Like a magpie, I have a little collection of shiny things. I promised when I moved from Perth back to Adelaide to take some photos of my room for my friend. I didn't remember to do so until now, so Gen, this one is for you.

A few of my favorite things both old and new- Vintage glassware and brooches, alongside Mimco, Palas and Marc Jacobs pieces I collect.

Driving past a garage sale on the way to the beach the other day I saw the perfect chest of drawers, pulled over and picked that up for a mere $5. Score! This means my dressing table will need a new home though, anyone want a vintage dressing table?!

There is a pic of me taken by a friend of mine a few years ago in this room as well. Her flickr site has a lot of her amazing photos.

Although, really I preferred my old room which was big, old and in need of renovating. Somehow it was so much more my style than a modern home. So in honor of that, the last pic of from that room. Gen, this now means you owe me pics from your house in Busselton!!!
Mwah. x

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