Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye Twenty ten

This is my goodbye to 2010. This was my last year at WAAPA, I was able to work with incredible people on three wonderful shows. Thankyou so much to those that came to see my shows, and have supported me throughout. I look forward to the opportunities the next year will bring, for spending time with new and old friends and traveling.

Pictured: The cast and Michael Jenn on set of The Trial, tree climbing in Pemberton, Genevieve and I wearing the A Little Touch of Chaos flower headpieces and Act Four of Joking Apart.

Enjoy your New Years celebrations and best of luck in 2011. Love Nell. x


  1. Wow! A fellow Aussie! I stumbled onto your blog and I think it's amazing that you work in theatre.
    It was extremely hot these last few days wasn't it? All the same great start to 2011! Am definitely a new follower. x

  2. Thanks hun, I will check out your blog. I love theatre, can not get enough! We have been blessed with sunny days in Adelaide that is for sure. Cheers. x