Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Perth Winter Jazz Festival Design Presentation

The model as I was making it...

So this is a project design for the Perth Winter Jazz Festival, which I worked on this year. It is a 1:100 scale model, designed for Forrest Chase.

I wanted to pay particular attention to the idea of empathizing sound, as opposed to ignoring that aspect, since, above all of my own agenda, this is a music festival design. So with this in mind I began looking into sound shells, and put together the idea of these beautiful elegant jazz clubs with clam shell stages and clam shell lighting features. I also wanted to have a clean (but not sterile) space that could glimmer and make use of beautiful lighting design with pops of colour to empathize the mood of the music.

There needed to be separate areas for alcohol and all ages areas, so I decided to do away with the idea of a separate bar, and instead make two sections, one for licensed table service, and one for general admission. The tables, are actually semi-circular booths, again to play with the shell motif. Everything is finished in pearl, giving off an elegant sheen. The space would hold a capacity of up to 500, with removable seating banks on the lower level surrounding the stage so that the space could be transformed for dancing, or cabaret. As the stage is in front of the beautiful Commonwealth building, I wanted to incorporate the archways of the building into the design, and open up the back wall of the stage to see-through to this building.

The photographs of the model did not turn out so well, but all the same here are a couple of me presenting the design earlier this year. This type of work is something I would really love to explore more, particularly with runway shows. I loved working on it and I learned so much. My model making skills are really not my strong point, and forcing myself to work on them is a constant, necessary and welcome challenge. I had never made anything in 1:100 it is so small, I take my hat off to the people who work in that scale all the time.

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