Sunday, December 5, 2010

They like the way the L.A.M.B. is going 'cross my shirt

I have always been a huge fan of Gwen Stefani, as a kid I had posters up on my wall, and listened to No Doubt on repeat. Little has changed in that regard, I still can not get enough of No Doubt. Or L.A.M.B. which I started collecting pieces from years ago. I have amazing stuff from the label, bags, shoes, jackets, shorts, tops... I love them to pieces. Gwen always adds little quirks and touches that can make a casual outfit pop, with that little edge. My favorite thing though are a pair of shoes I got from the Spring 2007 Collection. I think if I were a shoe, I would be those. They are pumps which have a spat that slips over them to make them into ankle boots. They are just to die for. Since I left them behind while I lived in Perth, I now must make up for it and find opportunities to wear them! I'll add a pic below.

The current collection is uh-mazing! The African inspired prints are so beautiful, and again with great jackets, trousers and dresses. I die! The prints reminded me of this great Mark Holliday jacket I have, which I added a pic of me in. He sadly passed away recently, but was an Adelaide designer who my Mum interned for when she was starting out. He used to come into her store when I worked there as a teenager, he was such a character.

Had to share some Gwen love with you- she really is the coolest woman ever.

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