Thursday, November 25, 2010

Say Hello to Your Friends

Coming back to visit my family home for a little while meant I had to deal with the enormous amount of things I had collected in my life thus far. Some of it was truly awful, and not even in a funny way. There were books, CD's VHS tapes, toys, shoes, clothes and a host of other "delights" all begging to be taken to the Op shop. One thing I did enjoy finding were my Baby Sitter's Club books. I had been a pretty big fan of the 90's book series, which for anyone who didn't know, was about a bunch of fairly ordinary girls who babysat their siblings, and neighborhood kids, then had sleepovers and meetings to talk about it. Thrilling huh? Also they were all fairly lame type cast characters with just a pinch of multiculturalism and a host of mini dramas. It was a fun, silly and addictive way to spend my time as a tween reading away the hours. Of course this made me think about who I had wanted to most be like in the series, Dawn, who was the Californian, vegetarian, environmentalist of the group- all things that at the age of 10 I wanted to be. I did swear I'd work for Greenpeace some day and be an activist. And whilst that didn't happen, it did start me on the Vego path for a good 12 years or so.

I even discovered that Bobbi-Jo who I have just finished studying Design at WAAPA with, was a big BSC fan too. We spent three years together and never once spoke of it. She's a Claudia with mini spoon necklace and all. So I thought, I had better share this long forgotten love with you. And I decided to sketch how I think Dawn would dress today...

Oh, and by the way, I got rid of the books, matching postcards and bookmarks.

Actually, I did keep one. x


  1. What a blast from the past! Admittedly, I liked the Babysitters Little Sister series. It only seemed fitting because Christie had Baby Sitters Club - the 'grown up' one.

  2. I never read the little sister books, which is strange, since you are older than me! But I guess I was the older sister, really.