Thursday, November 25, 2010

To Market To Market

To quote one friend... "Um, num, num, num"

So, warm sunny Sundays in Adelaide, and what to do... macarons, Yum Cha and wandering through the Gilles Street Markets? Done and done.

One thing I have noticed was that Vintage and markets are really good here. Of course you do have to search through the racks to find the good stuff, but it can turn out to be worth your while. As for me, I have just gotten rid of so much "stuff" in my life at the moment that the idea of inviting much more into it seems ludicrous. Over the past couple of months I have sent more than six trolley loads of 'stuff' to various op shops, I figure, I don't need it, pay it forward and hope it'll give something to someone else. And you know what, I still have far too much stuff.

And apart from the lovely macarons from Choux cafe in Swanbourne made by Emmanuel Mollois (who taught Poh how to make them) which naturally take first place (thankyou Gen for introducing me, Sophia Coppola would be happy with a few of those)... the ones from the markets were a good runner up. Of course I did have a lot of fun tasting them. xx

And the next market day... Dec 5th, from 10 till 4.

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