Monday, May 5, 2014

The Black Blazer

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While it is said that we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time, I make a conscious effort to use as much of mine as I can. This helps not only with needing to do the washing less than once every 10 days (except for smalls etc) but to ensure I actually use what I buy. I have talked about my capsule wardrobe again and again, but it occurred to me that about 80% of the time, I share clothes on this blog that I do only wear 20% of the time. Like cocktail dresses... Really I don't get around in these everyday, so in an effort to share more of the regular personal style happenings, I have a few outfits to share, that are more everyday. On top of this I have picked one key piece to link three outfits together, which could be described as the epitome of the capsule-must-have-piece in your closet. Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen famously began their label on the search for the perfect version, they are obtainable anywhere, and go with virtually anything... 
Can you guess? I am wearing one above... 
The white tee. You got it. 

Pictured here I am also in my favourite black blazer, which for anyone who has ever lived or worked with me can verify, I wear about five days out of seven each week. Bought at a garage sale put on by fashion people back in 2009 (for $10), this linen blazer (originally sold at a Katies store according to the label) is the right amount of oversize, non tailored and comfortable. It does not have huge shoulder pads, and rolls at the sleeve perfectly. If ever in doubt, I will throw this blazer over any outfit and call it done. In the case of what on earth to wear with a pair of soft white leather track pants (something I NEVER expected to own), I tried many jackets, but this one got the job done. The softness of the leather is so beautiful. Cut so thin, they border on looking like pyjamas, so a somewhat structured blazer keeps it looking outdoor worthy. My advice is to hit op-shops with a black blazer in mind, and make sure to look through the racks carefully to find one of good quality. Otherwise, you can pick one up most places, I have added a list of some I have found for you below. 

So there you have it, one item I wear 20% of the time (tricky white leather track pants), one I wear 80% of the time (black blazer) and one I could wear everyday for a year. I really could do that- 'the white t-shirt project'. 

Some black blazers to recommend: 
Less: ASOS, ASOS, Witchery

Shots by Mario Recchia
xx Jenelle

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