Wednesday, April 16, 2014


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Staple the Label Top (similar by Finders Keepers here), Asos Pleated Skirt, Chloe Boots,

Laura messaged me the morning of the Style and the City launch asking what I planned to wear. Colour was the obvious choice- Sex and the City is full of colour, print and eclectic touches. So I obviously wanted to wear black, or grey. Anything but colour. Go against the grain wherever possible!
This look didn't feel too dressed up for a Friday morning either (although if I'd worn a pair of pumps…) but I tell you what, wearing t-shirt fabric head-to-toe is super comfy! Win. I love this boxy top, I got it ages ago and wear it a lot, I spotted a pretty similar one on sale at Fashn Bunkr, if I didn't have this one already I would be adding it to cart directly. I do head to toe black or white all the time, grey is somehow a little different, but I like it, I like the 'nothingness' it exudes. This morning I heard people talking about 'normcore' in reference to the opening of Uniqlo today in Melbourne. Damn well I love that, I am SOOOO NOT into faux tan, faux hair extensions, faux nails, boobs exposed, tightly clung super short anything dressing. Term dressing in an undone way with a little more flair than 'I just rolled out of bed in this' and I am okay with that. Just call me 'grey-marle-normcore-lady'.

I probably should start wearing different boots. Actually, I have to start wearing different boots before I kill these entirely. When I go back to Adelaide I am bringing back more ankle boots from my boxes of stuff! Same goes with a different bag. Meh. 
Photos by Laura Liy
xx Jenelle


  1. I actually thought your outfit was a dress! You can never go wrong with grey marle! Swooning over your boots (as usual) x