Monday, December 23, 2013

River Sunrise

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 photo Black-Flannel-Dress_zpsca934e13.jpg
 photo Black-Dress_zps39b66091.jpg
Flannel Dress, Birkenstock Arizonas

Waking up early seems to have its rewards. This week we got up pre-sunset and drove down to watch the sunrise over the Swan River and shoot a few photos. I haven't spent a lot of time at the river, and I am not so sure wading into it is a brilliant idea, but after a few days of 40deg heat it was very refreshing. 
This black silk dress by local label Flannel is a summer dress that may or may not be appropriate for climbing into fig trees. Had to test it out though. So many people/ dogs seem to be walking, cycling or jogging super early, and by 6am when my camera battery was blinking to be left alone, we finished up and headed off for breakfast. I can not tell you how good it felt to have gotten so much done so early. Nor how good it is to find a nice out of the way leafy spot to have that first coffee in. 

Mario hates Birkenstocks. I have two pairs. It makes for plenty of conversation. They are not equal to scum-of-the-closet Crocs, despite his comparisons. They are in fact very comfortable and I will happily wear them with him or not. 
Shots by Mario Recchia
xx Jenelle
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