Friday, December 13, 2013

Questionably Dressed

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 photo Lace-in-Black-6_zpsd5aae0ee.jpg
Camilla and Marc Jumper, Lace Shorts, Chloe Boots, Michael Kors Watch, Spiked Earcuff

This morning I called my Nanna back in Adelaide, who told me she was in a taxi, heater on, trying to stay warm. Here, in Perth, some 2700km away we are in a 30 something degree heatwave (or, "summer"). I must admit I feel like it would be more appropriate for me to wear woollen jumpers if I was hanging out with my Nan. However, heat or no, jumpers are always with me. I think they work perfectly with these lace shorts, but then again a loose silk shirt would also do the trick (hello Equipment shirts, and probably more appropriate weather dressing).
Shots by Mario Recchia
xx Jenelle
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