Sunday, December 15, 2013


 photo 1463119_10151800527880509_1558148946_n_zps276a149a.jpg
 photo 61214bbe08c2005ac75c6a03637c03c2_zps7d9bf268.jpg
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 photo 0e9cafa4b2fb6820876be171a5b3f9c7_zps433dda32.jpg
 photo f91721fcf1741852a7470f6f1dc7d9ca_zps1b324faa.jpg
 photo e5d0ad255bd8ed2b71b01b9a5ec624f0_zpsba786a1d.jpg
 photo 5b6a942640a8082e3506b5dd7dde35e2_zpseccff9d5.jpg
 photo 4e5fcc76d1791f758fc787fa452dbd2b_zps8bf6dca4.jpg
 photo dec7da190154cdac0c68a0d52ab40371_zps59c16b7c.jpg
Photos: Tumblr, Pinterest and Stef King 

With Christmas coming so close, I am embracing my love of all things that glitter. A metallic touch for the party season may be obvious, but who can debate that wearing something super shiny isn't a butt-load of fun. A lot of these pics are things up on Pinterest and Tumblr, more of that is inevitable. 
That Alister Yiap earcuff though… uh! 
xx Jenelle

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