Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rock Steady

 photo BlackCami3_zps390d8f2f.jpg
 photo BlackCamiShorts2_zpsba7921b4.jpg
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 photo BlackCamiShortsFedora_zps43ffe7b0.jpg photo YellowCoinPurse_zps0daae769.jpg
ASOS Cami, ASOS Linen Shorts, ASOS Purse, ASOS Clutch, Ellery Sandals, Kailis Pearl Necklace, Catarzi Fedora, Costume Jewellery necklaces (worn around wrist), Tom Ford Glasses

For years I wore long black shorts, the day I had to let them go- having died, I have missed them so much. Back then, I may have channeled a rock steady Gwen Stefani vibe with a few pocket chains and studded belt, yep (again, to gigs). I may lose the chains this time, but I love that they can work with a sandal or a pump, cami or buttoned silk shirt (tucked in with a belt of course). Essentials for summer, particularly thanks to the cool linen (expect to see them again). 
These swing camis, also from ASOS are actually amazing. I had hummed-and-harred about getting one of these and am so glad I did. The easy care fabric, loose, oversized fit is perfect for a summer day, and satisfies the nod to the 90's singlet which is working wonders this season (yikes, does that mean I am somehow on trend?!). Nope, just staying true to my undone, rock influenced style. 
Also how'd you like this yellow faux pony/ leather coin purse?- super bright I know (I would have preferred a white or cream), but it's cool, and probably works better given so much black. 
You can't always get what you want…

… but if you try sometimes, you get what you need. 
xx Jenelle
Photos by Mario Recchia
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  1. Thumbs up for the purse - well, I have one like it in black, so obviously I'm keen. I really like this styling and I've been wanting to try longer shorts, but that would definitely require some expert tailoring so it doesn't make my legs look any shorter than they already are :/