Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Harbour Master for Hatch

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The Bloggers for Hatch project has now finished up with the ever so cool Claire from the blog Harbour Master. This is my final 'round-up' of each bloggers looks. 
Claire is a bold, strong woman with a unique but studied artistic eye. Her talent for layering correctly, insistence on excellent quality footwear and that signature hair cut are all things that make me jump to read each blog post she publishes. I was looking forward to seeing what Claire came up with and what she found in Hatch, the images did not disappoint. 
I want to express a big thank you to all of the designers and to Hatch for getting on board with us in this project. Finally to Heidy for all of her time and hard work. 
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All images shot be Heidy Saeran
These entire looks are available at Hatch (enex100 Hay Street Mall, Perth), and all pieces are from WA Designers. 

xx Jenelle
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  1. Thankyou for inviting me to join your project! I honestly was overwhelmed by the how well we were each able to express our style in just WA designer duds - certainly a lesson that local doesn't mean limiting!