Thursday, October 10, 2013


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Recently I have been working with my good friend Mikey Walton, who is a stylist for Westfield. 
Backstage for the Westfield Fashion Festival I spotted a few pieces from local retailers that I was determined to get my hands on. This chambray shirt was one of those pieces. 
At only $20, I was pretty surprised at the price, and soft fit, clearly showing I am not often in a mall, and rarely shop in one for clothes. I think this is largely due to my phobia of wearing the same thing as someone else, and for years I worked in a department store, and later for a cinema complex which were both located in a mall. That's a lot of people to fly past on a half hour lunch break when you forgot to bring lunch. I never really understood the appeal of a 'family outing' to the local mall, but seriously, people get right into that! 

Anyway, my experiences thus far with Mikey and Westfield have been great. It is really encouraging that they are so supportive of women finding the right style for their shape, lifestyles and budgets. I am always impressed by the looks that can be put together from basics in store, dressed up with a killer clutch or belt- which all lead to the inevitable, "Wait, that look cost how much? No way! That is so good!" when it is revealed to come in under $200 inclusive of accessories. 
Personally I like to mix in my higher end designer pieces with a good cheaper basic item. 
Still, it goes to show that you never know what you will find. 
Also I love a quirky touch like this bear ear hat. So fun. 

Photos by Mario Recchia. 
xx Jenelle
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  1. Sometimes (luckily rarely so far) I see someone wearing the same top that I have too and think 'ugh, does it look that bad on me?!' :P