Saturday, July 13, 2013

Winter Light Festival

 photo Harlequin-Building_zps56f7c96b.jpg
 photo Green-Monster_zps42da3871.jpg
  photo Monsters-Building_zps93d61f7f.jpg

 photo Coloured-Monsters_zps2e887491.jpg
 photo Animals-and-Monsters_zps8e2c0434.jpg

 photo Pink-Yellow-Building_zps8935705a.jpg

 photo Tower-Building_zpscbf8ba6e.jpg

Once again Brookfield Place have lit up the beautiful heritage buildings of St Georges Terrace in a celebration of winter. The city of Perth is being treated to fun, colourful and monstrous display of projected light, conveniently located around a host of the city's best cocktail bars, if you are that way inclined. The team at Brookfield Place invited us to the launch last night, which also coincided with my being able to catch up with some of the Perth gang I have missed over the past six months. Perfect! 
Running until the 28th of July, make sure you take a wander down after sunset and enjoy the monsters, snowmen and more.
xx Nell
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  1. This is awesome! My favourite is the big green monster one. I think Melbourne is about to host something a bit like this too. Hopefully it's as good as this!

    Marlee xx

  2. Wow!! These pictures are gorgeous!
    Also, just followed you on bloglovin' :)

    Xx Karen