Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Morrison East End

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Last week I attended an in store at Morrison on Rundle Street. Morrison Clothing's founder and designer Kylie Radford was in town to share her favourite pieces from the current collection. A beautiful and genuine woman, Kylie explained the humble beginnings of the label, named after her much loved dog, from a store in Freemantle selling gifts for women, to a pair of trousers which went on to be sold in thousands. The brand Morrison was soon formed, priding itself on using excellent quality fabrics and design for women who embrace style, comfort, femininity and elegance. Kylie explained that the beautiful prints incorporated into each collection are unique, taken from Australian artists, who create artwork from the photographs and illustrations made while travelling the country. Six years after it was founded, Morrison now have six retail stores in Australia including the Rundle Street East store here in Adelaide. Stocking organic candles, soft leather bags, belts, beautiful scarves and dainty silver jewellery, along with a huge range of modern, beautiful clothes. The Autumn Winter 13 collection, entitled Antecedent, again embraces lush leather and knit fabrics, and as with all of Morrison's pieces, can be worn layered and in a myriad of different ways.

 I first visited Morrison in 2007, while exploring Freo on my first move to Perth. It was a very natural store, brimming with neutral pieces in soft, gorgeous fabrics. Above I have added some photos I shot at the Morrison runway show last year at Perth Fashion Festival (for the full post, click here) with the Summer 2012 collection. Kylie herself was wearing the amazing leather dress that we all gasped over as it came down the runway. It was lovely to meet and listen to Kylie talk about the label, she is very grounded, clearly has dreams and goals, and leads her team lovingly.  
Actually, she is very 'Freo' but without the lingering scent of patchouli. 

The team at Morrison offer one on one personal styling sessions, to assist in finding outfits which reflect individual shapes, style and lifestyle. 
I pinched a photo from the Rundle St. East Facebook page that the lovely Caitlin snapped of Irene and myself, thank you! 

xx Nell

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