Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cabaret Design Photo Diary

 photo Cabaret-2013-Clowns_zps141f9086.jpg

 photo Cabaret-2013-Artspace-2_zpsf0d9319d.jpg

 photo Cabaret-2013-VIP-2_zpscf0a3d09.jpg

 photo Cabaret-2013-Tables_zps39dc2142.jpg

 photo Cabaret-2013-Festooning_zps3ef0cecb.jpg

 photo Shane-Warne-The-Musical_zps9756aed4.jpg

 photo Cabaret-2013-VIP_zps3864289a.jpg

 photo Cabaret-2013-Artspace_zpsabdb4c5d.jpg

 photo Cabaret-2013-Throne_zpsa61474a1.jpg

 photo Skull-of-Truth_zps54dac155.jpg

 photo Cabaret-2013-Clown_zpse5518704.jpg

1/ Multi coloured Clown/ King light boxes salvaged from Dazzleland and painted a slicker black, white, gold to grace the foyers. 
2/ Former Archway lettering (which I deemed too small and had remade) reused in the Artspace
3/ The VIP/ Artists bar- at night with the view of the construction River Torrens 
4/ This years table covers and figure number holders- decided to go with a girl, modelled off of Degas' Little Dancer of Fourteen Years Sculpture (which I happily admired in the flesh bronze recently)
5/ Festooning that we expanded on so heavily this year to tie the spaces in together
6/ Costume racks at the Maj for Shane Warne The Musical (now you know why I have a Pinterest folder dedicated to Shane Warne- I used that to communicate with Simon Phillips the director, pinning reference images for the costume design)
7/ The Lyrics VIP/ Artists area- furniture hired through the lovely guys at LB Events. Love them xx
8/ The Artspace being reset pre show
9/ The small Throne I made for the Launch and for a photo spot
10/ More festooning and the Arches Archadia Games gracing the foyer. 
11/ Those beloved clowns!

I have one more design post from the 2013 Cabaret Festival, Moving meant that it has taken me ages to edit and upload them- but I hope you will forgive me. 
xx Nell

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