Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Lazy Ballerina

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After all of the whirlwind that has been the Cabaret bump in and opening weekend, I tried to give my mind some peace, myself a bit of r and r, and appreciate a new space. I guess considering we live so close to one of the great wine regions in Australia, and my family are big wine lovers- I easily became somewhat of a wine brat. In my free time I love to go and visit wineries, do tastings, eat cheese boards or picnics, spot the animals on nearing farms as you wind your way through breathtaking vineyards, and dream about climbing trees or hills as you pass them by. It feels like traveling, even when you can not 'get away'. 
When a conversation started with "We should go on a walk today" to "have you heard of this winery? It has beautiful gardens" it was quickly decided to go and check it out.  

Lazy Ballerina is a boutique family run winery, producing an amazing Shiraz Vionier and Grenache (among other things), opposite the Kuitpo Forrest around the McClaren Vale region.
A few years ago some friends and I stayed in one of the cottages down the road, with a fire, no phone reception or technology, in bunk beds. It was awesome. We went on long walks through the forest, played board games, made up silly quizzes, did colouring in books (this was a particularly fun and regular activity, and much cooler than it sounds!) lazily played guitar and bongos. I can easily see myself recommending this sort of winter cozy weekend to anyone, with a stop in to visit the gardens and share a bottle (or two) and platter at Lazy Ballerina. 

I had to take photos of the gardens- and share some with you. I could have snapped away for hours, as there is so much to see. The winery is set up with tables hidden all over the place, so you can submerge yourself with the views, and let the wine uncork new or old stories.

xx Nell

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