Sunday, June 2, 2013

Melbourne May Photo Diary

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 photo Hollywood-Costume-Dark_zps0ac2ec9d.jpg

 photo Coffee-Prahran_zps6022594f.jpg

 photo The-Space_zpse0a438cf.jpg

 photo GandT_zps1f481f6d.jpg

 photo Love-And-Prahran_zps9b322e69.jpg

 photo Audrey-Fed-Sq_zpsf60d3afc.jpg

 photo Hollywood-Costume_zps872f2ce6.jpg

A rainy start to a few days in Melbourne, a work trip for Shane Warne. 
Melbourne has always felt like a comfortable city for me, I prefer it to Adelaide, by a mile. Not that I do not find good things in any city. I think Adelaide for me is too small, by such a lot, that I feel like I can not get enough 'done'. 

1/ 2 / 3. River views
4. Mak and Torben strolling after our Hamer visit
5. Packing flat lay
6. A golden Hamer Hall foyer
7. Gotta get back in town for King Kong, (and Legally Blonde and Monet)
8. Loving my Lack of Color hat
9. Monochrome hotel
10. Super grainy shot at the Hollywood Costume exhibition- taken in such darkness! 
11. Coffee in Prahran
12. Streets
13. Gin and Tonic + cucumber
14. Love and...
15 / 16. Miss Jane and I fit in an hour to rush through the Hollywood Costume exhibit at ACMI
it was amazing, like, I had no time to even comprehend amazing. I think I have stored the moment for my brain to flow over thinking about it until July, when I can process. But my top two fave movie costumes of all time were there- no words. I died. 
You have till September- it is incredible that all of these pieces- normally scattered in collections all across the world- are here, in an amazingly well designed exhibit. No words. Just GO.

xx Nell

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