Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Crawley Edge

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Tigerlily Tank, Josh Goot Neoprene Skirt, Alice McCall Jacket similar here, L.A.M.B. Heels

Before leaving Perth I made sure to visit a few places on my hit list, which I had always meant to shoot at. Perth is in a word beautiful. Another word would be sunny. This day, was a typical warm (hot to some), bright day, full of promise and time with good people. 
Now that I am back in Adelaide, with no disrespect to this little town, I must admit to wondering what I am doing here. 
I seem to have left my heart (with someone) in Perth. Truth be told. 

This boatshed I had driven by endlessly the last time I had lived in Perth, but never stopped to explore before. You can easily see why it is a popular photograph spot for weddings. 
Where else in the world do you find a spot like this? 
Actually I am back in Adelaide to start working on the 2013 Adelaide Cabaret Festival. 
We have a very exciting festival ahead. But more on that later.

Here I am wearing one of the Josh Goot Neoprene skirts I have been obsessed with for a long time now. This one was happily snapped up in the Post Christmas sales, aka an excuse to splurge and pick up a few bargains. I am loving neoprene in general. Having seen some pieces while overseas in 2011 made of 'scuba' fabric I was hooked, but didn't get my hands on any until now. I think I try to add this leather jacket to everything, but it is so warm, edgy and goes with everything. Essentials never go astray. 

Photographed by Emma Robinson.


  1. Ah, that Josh Goot skirt is amazing - can spot his Neoprene designs from a mile away! And most definitely worth the post-Chrissy splurge. I also have to agree with you - no matter the amazing places we travel, there really is no place like home. xx

  2. Love these photos! The yellow skirt pops against the boat shed - love love love!


  3. Fantastic photos!
    Love the back of your top.
    A bright and wonderful outfit!
    x Kirsty

  4. love the look and love the setting of the pictures! Great!