Thursday, August 9, 2012

Moschino Love, flowers and Instagram

Instagram pics of late... follow as jenellewitty

1. Moschino Jeans thrifted for $10! Woo, adding to my collection! 
2. My entry which was chosen in the top ten for the Perth Fashion Festival iPhone Competition.
3. Nail art weapons of choice.
4. Violets care of the backyard. Love the smell and colour!
5. Cohen et Sabine dress and the new Ipanema Boots from Gorman Spring Summer 2012/13 launched today! 
7. In the painting process...
8. and 9. Cherry Blossoms care of the front yard. 
10. Breakfast!
11. L.A.M.B. gold sneakers
12. Lula Mag and Lattes
13. Elizabeth and James Jacket and D&G trousers care of myWardrobe
14. The MOST beautiful packaging from an online company
15. and 16. Getting my skates warmed up
17. Moschino Moshinopolis jeans fit like a glove, win! (Ignore the mess!)

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