Monday, August 6, 2012

Giving The Finger

One thing that baffles me are people who have a go at me for wearing rings on 'my ring finger' while not being married. 
This happens a lot. 
I am sorry, what?!
You are saying that because I am not engaged or married I can not wear a ring on a particular finger?
Do me a favour and re-read that last sentence. 
In thinking this is ridiculous, you are quite right. 
 These people are dead serious. 

I can wear whatever I want, where ever I want, thank you very much. 
Until I decide to give them to someone, my fingers are my fingers. 

The other thing is, if you want a ring, it does not take a man to get it for you. 
I wouldn't let a man buy me a handbag, so why on earth would I let a man buy me a ring?! 
(Want to do something nice? Cook me dinner and introduce me to a new record). 

If you want something, work hard and go get it yourself. 

PS. I love to tell the people who have a problem with my choice of 'ring finger' that I have no desire to have children. :)

Tracking down a signature ring, designing and making something yourself or commissioning the talents of a professional can be a slow process. (The same can be said for perfume, tattoos etc...)

My signature ring for several years has been a chunky horse-shoe ring by Adelaide label Palas, but sadly this recently re-shaped itself so much it hurts to wear. 
I love mens chunky rings, I suppose because I have thin girly hands, and prefer things to be unexpected. 
After months of searching I found a new ring by Karen Walker which felt right. It appears to be a band, but the details weave in some of the quirky icons like the fly, bunny and skulls. Have to admit, I did end up with one of her little skull rings too. How could I not?

Much love, Nell. xx


  1. I hate when people think that you have to be married to wear a ring on that finger, I don't intend on getting married so I am not going to leave that finger bare!

  2. omg i love ur thick ring where did uget it????