Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sunday Morning in Perth


Some Fashion-y pics taken in Perth last weekend. I love Perth transport, it feels like taking a bus over in Europe. Ha ha, here I could have walked to breakfast, but instead took the bus, just for fun. The streets are deserted as it was a Sunday morning, and CLEAN (this is another Perth thing- they clean the streets each night). You are going to see this jacket a lot, 'cause I am IN LOVE with it! Way to go Ksubi, this leopard WAR collection is bang on, and a lot of it is hitting sale time, so check out their site. They ship super fast too. Also stock some of their stuff as well as everything else on my wish list... take a look!

Pictured wearing Ksubi Panelled Zip Jacket, Zara leather tote bag (that thing is so handy- particularly if you visit book shops as much as I do! It just fits so much in!), Jefferey Campbell boots, Levi's jeans, Ray Bans, Witchery T-shirt and Scarf.