Thursday, June 28, 2012

Perth, Flannel, Leather, Lace and Neon


When I first moved over to Perth, I hated it. I knew NO ONE, and I was not convinced it was the right decision. Considering it to be so isolated, I thought it was a leap in the wrong direction. I have come to realize that sometimes, the things I dismiss easily are the things which prove themselves to me the most. (Let the Elizabeth Bennett comparisons begin again).

My own prejudice.
I was very wrong.

There is something so endearing about Perth, and WA. An odd mix of cultures; I have certainly observed that people 'find' themselves there, drawn to some new promise. Drawn West.

I found myself being described to people as "From over East" so often, which, having grown up in South Australia, seemed a little wrong to me, but essentially, from Perth, everything is East. For the most part, young Adelaide-ians move to Melbourne, and so on, and relocating back, seems, well, weird. Perth doesn't even seem to have the same Gatsbian car crash rush back West, which I expected. There is enough going on there, who needs to 'Head East'?

Over the years I met the loveliest and liveliest people, with huge hearts. I discovered amazing food, coffee, wine, sun, beaches, trees, designers, music and places which feel, even for a little while, like home. To say when I visited last weekend I had a wonderful time, is an understatement. I love and miss my friends, who after three years, for 18 hours a day in a small room, saw the best and worst of each other. We all fell further than we knew we could, picked each other back up again and continued to wherever we are headed now. They continue to inspire me, and encourage me to push myself further. I am forever great-full for the times we spent together and I wouldn't trade it, when all is said and done.

The days run away so quickly, I know I will be drawn West again soon.

"So when the blue smoke of brittle leaves was in the air and the wind blew the wet laundry stiff on the line I decided to come back home." (-F Scott Fitzgerald)

Pictured wearing: Alice McCall jacket, Sass and Bide The Whimsy Neon Clutch, Sass and Bide Hulsey Strutters Denim, Gorman Criss Cross clogs, Flannel lace top, Marc Jacobs guitar watch.


  1. Gorgeous lace blouse :)
    Have a nice day...

  2. I love your clutch! Can't wait until I can visit Australia, everyone seems to love it!

  3. I.Adore.That.Blouse. I think this outfit is perfect!

  4. You look gorgeous, your top is so pretty! I get what you mean, my parents just moved us out of London and I was having a strop about it but I actually love where I live now! xxx

  5. love these shoes! and the top is too cute xx

  6. Thank you all! I think I will wear this top to DEATH! ha ha, isn't that the way with something new?