Monday, June 18, 2012

The Adelaide Cabaret Festival


Hello! From 'she who never blog posts!' I have been working with David Bromley on this years Adelaide Cabaret Festival for the past few months, and as such, have neglected to post. Here are some little highlight snaps!

The festival is going so well, and has been a blast. I have met and worked with some of the most beautiful, and incredible people, and am very blessed for that. I have taken next to NO photos at all, so have had to borrow some to share with you. There are a few here from the Adelaide Cabaret Festival Facebook page, some from the gorgeous Dani Riccardi, and some sent to me by the gorgeous Erica from Grant Burge Wines. (Erica is pictured with me in the first image from the Moet and Chandon opening night party).

So happy to be wearing the divine Lover lace Serpent dress, only got these two snaps, so will have to wear it again soon to show you. It is one from last season, made from incredible french lace, and it is the most ethereal thing to wear. The lovely Kate Ceberano told me I looked like one of Degas Ballerinas from his works in the Musée d'Orsay, which was a big compliment from that amazing woman!

These snaps are of David painting final touches for our Backstage club, making up the table figures, installing the beautiful floral arrangement, punters enjoying the club (even sitting on the floor!), and the outdoor Winter Garden set up. Also the surreal moment seeing my name in the Gala program!

Morgan from The Bluebelle Society is the most amazing florist ever. I am SO fussy when it comes to flowers and she just blew me away.

The Adelaide Cabaret Festival is now into its third week, with incredible shows to come, there is SO much to see and do, if you can, get along and join in! I will see you there. xx

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  1. Lover serpent dress! JEALOUS!!!!!!