Saturday, May 5, 2012

Make-up Free Morning








This morning, feeling a little overwhelmed with the mess I have made in my room (after a long week it looks like I have had some sort of wardrobe explosion) I decided to pull out a few pieces and work out what I am going to do with them. So while enjoying a great coffee and amazing music care of Bob Dylan, I played dress ups.

I think my years almost falling head first into my giant dress up box have never ended. I some times went to other kids houses to play, and JUST DID NOT UNDERSTAND when they told me they did not have a dress up box. WHAT?! When I heard that, my heart would sink. I mean, what on earth did they do without one? How on earth did they ever play 'princesses' or 'warriors' or 'alice' or 'peter pan'?

I love sequins, so I was very happy to find this gorgeous mirrored, sequined, beaded jacket at Sportsgirl. I have a beautiful mirrored cotton dress from India, which Mum put in my dress up box as a kid. She'd been given it from a friend in the 70s and I wear it all the time.

Sigh, I better go clean up my mess. xx




  1. You look amazing with no make up on! I'm a little jealous because I'm without makeup today too but am all blotchy :( I love that blue and taupe top at the left of the rack - what brand is it? xx

  2. Thank you Jade! The top is Sass and Bide. I think it'd still be available on the online store.