Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Ham Funeral, and Adelaide Festival and Fringe 2012
















The Adelaide Fringe and The Adelaide Festival are both alive and entertaining here, it is all going on, and I am all too happy to be apart of it, and for having Emma Craig come to visit!


On day one (of Emma's visit) we were a little rained out so there are no photos, however we did make it to The State Theatre Company of South Australia's production of The Ham Funeral by Patrick White. The Ham Funeral is an incredibly funny, clever vaudeville piece, which for me, although layered with all sorts of fun comic and also deeper crumbling subtexts, it strikes a chord as an emerging artist. The Young Man, who's journey we follow, is a poet (he describes himself as such, but quickly adds "...though, to be perfectly honest, I have not yet found out for sure") caught up in a world unfulfilled. This world is damp and monotonous yet oddly alluring, conflicting with (but ultimately driving) his own ambitions and expectations. In my own experiences, it is easy to fall prey to a slightly more negative, desperate side while taking the long steps to reach artistic goals, particularly when you aren't quite sure how to keep that promise to yourself. The drive toward that freedom to create, to leave the nest and develop as an artist is the home run for me with The Ham Funeral. It is also the show which I have been very fortunate in being seconded to work on with Designer Ailsa Paterson. Ailsa and her crew were very generous to allow me to come in and experience their process and work on some practical elements. I had an amazing time working with them, and would encourage you to get along to the show, it is fantastic!

Emma and I visited a few of the Fringe venues, seeing shows, we were particularly impressed with magic show Morgan and West Time Travelling Magicians, for which we both ended up on stage being a part of their very clever tricks. I shall post up more in a day or so about the other shows, bars, venues and things we got up to. Pictured here is us checking out the APAM stuff at the Festival Centre and The Garden of Uneathly Delights, with Mum. I have a lot more to show you!

The thing is, just GO! Get out there, and have a magical time, exploring the arts. Emma Craig is responsible for these photos, thank you so much for taking them for me and letting me use them love! Will miss you and having a sister! xx

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