Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Black Chook









Went to Woodstock at McLaren Vale for a platter and tastings today. I love love love their range of wines, and can not get enough of the Grenache Rose or their Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon. Yummo! Then headed to Penny's Hill, much to my delight, as I love their chicken coop. So so pretty. The sounds that Chickens make alone makes me so happy! Am so loving our summer at the moment, it has been brilliant.
This week I saw The Women on the 6th Floor, which is so so sweet! There are so many great films out at the moment, I would add this to my 'must see' list. It was out while I was in Paris, but of course I had to wait till I could catch one with subtitles. So glad I got there in the end! On Thursday I checked out the beautiful work of Alexia Sinclair at the Adelaide Festival Centre as a part of her ongoing The Royal Dozen exhibition. Please do yourself the treat of going up to take a look at this exhibition if you are in Adelaide, it is gorgeous work, and it's free. I heard someone say the other day that Adelaide can be a boring place to wander around, but I feel like there are all sorts of things to do and see if you care to look. For the details of the exhibition check out the Adelaide Festival Center page here. I also went to the Sessions that night to see Asa and Fefe, who were both incredible. I love Asa so much she was just glorious! Her CD will be on rotation non-stop!
Lastly this week I am loving the Tristan Blair Ramona boots I scored from LAX. Oh so so cool. Handmade shoes, on sale... I think they will be worn to death! I will definitely need to get a better pic of them to show you, they are such a great way to work a dress/ skirt or shorts. I have lots of exciting new things are coming up this week and next, I am so excited to start my work at The State Theatre of South Australia and the Adelaide Fringe. Watch this space. xx

Zara Dress, Mimco bag and straw boater, Tristan Blair Boots.



  1. Love your dress
    I love your blog,
    It is so inspiring and gave me so many
    new ideas for my own blog.
    I hope you can come by and check
    it out? Maybe even follow since I follow you now :)


  2. Your bag is amaazing!
    I also love the color of your dress :)

    Stop by sometime, Natalie xo

  3. Stunning and gorgeous look!!!! you are soooo wonderful!!!<3

  4. Love the colour of that dress. And those boots are so cute xx