Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Into the Woods Shoot

Second look at the recent shoot with Peppermunk this time in Fleur Wood dress. I loved walking around this forest barefoot, it was so quiet and crisp. The pine needles form such a soft bed to walk on, as do rotted branches covered in vibrant moss. Wondered how long ago the trees had been licked by fire, the black and grey trunks were so beautiful.
I am in Melbourne now, and shall take a bunch of pics today as I explore. Yey for the sun right now! It is so chilly, I had to pack coats and scarves, which will be my fun mini winter before I head off to enjoy the summer in Europe!


  1. cute

  2. Perfect post..Keep blogging love you blog..Follow us and we will follow you back!Kisses from Greece!

  3. Amazing pics!!