Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rocking the Nurses Station

This weekend gone I have been too lazy to take my own photos and have borrowed these from a lovely friend. I promise I will snap some of the Fringe Activities here in Adelaide, before it all ends, I just have to remind myself! Pictured here are some of the best people in the world! Celebrating Raids finishing his final prac and becoming a Nurse. As I mentioned, I forgot to do any outfit shots but I am breaking in an incredibly cool dress with all of this lace up detailing, and pleating that makes you want to spin and dance around. Also wore one of the flower head pieces from my last show, which I have floating around, they got thrown in during the haste of moving states!
Also pictured are Karl in his awesome suited stripe tie get up- I loved that suit and more lovely men who would be right at home on the pages of Nerdboyfriend.com really, the motto "Girls should make passes at boys who wear glasses" is rather befitting. And finally the Registered Nurse himself adjusting the leather/ feather bracelet I had made him as a celebratory gift.
A big congratulations! Rock on people. xx


  1. The bracelet was the first thing I noticed in the picture...love it! Looks like a fun time:)

  2. now following you on bloglovin! :-)
    i adore your flower hairpiece! so pretty