Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Insects Are The New Black

Insects a-hoy! Not to be feared! I completely fell in love with Alice McCall's insect collection a few years ago. It was amazing! I put together a collage of some of my favorites to share with you, and am pictured wearing one of the tops from that collection. I must admit, I can not handle them crawling on me at night while I try to sleep, but insects are so amazing. They are made of so much concentrated detail! I promised to post this, I hope you enjoy. The jewelry pieces are from Mimco, both are to die for! Scarab beetles are so beautiful. And all illustrations are by me.


  1. Gosh <3 the drawings darling. And yes everything else is gorge too. x

  2. Yey love that top, havent worn mine yet i must admit! Looks better on your skinny bod! cool drawings! (Reney xx)

  3. Love your 5 things! It is no fun to get dressed here everyday, I can only go outside in rubber boots, I'm jealous of the hot aussie sun!
    I love the short top you have on, super cute!!

  4. you look amazing, even though i hate insects!


  5. hey I like this outfit...it's great: I like the bag, the blouse and the shoes!
    I like your blog and all your outfits! I follow you now.
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    thanks, v


  6. Thanks all so much! Totally happy you liked this post. Oh and glad you liked the 5 things Rebecca!

  7. I like your outfit very much!!!!