Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Going The Distance

So I loved the Drew Barrymore film Going the Distance... I mean it is not brilliant cinema by any means, but it was so much fun. What is more, I completely loved Drew's wardrobe in the film. Metallic jackets, loose t-shirts and trousers in a completely non frumpy way, belts, as simple as it is, I loved it. Her hair for the premieres was incredible too.
Pictured: me in My brothers old Scout's uniform pants, Grey t-shirt, vintage metallic jacket, with rose pin to pull it in at the back, Marc Jacobs star watch necklace, Cheap Monday rock ring, Mimco black bow clip and Yeojin Bae wedge heels.

Amelia Earhart constantly inspires me, particularly this image of her all suited up ready to fly...

PS. A lot of these photos are things I have found while flicking through the internet in general, and have been sitting on my computer for ages, and as such I don't know who to credit them for, so my apologies.


  1. I love your shoes, and yes, this outfit is very Drew-ish....
    That was a great movie. I agree 100%

    Aesthetic Lounge

  2. what cute shoes! and a cute outfit! and cute drew!! argh so much cuteness!


  3. Looking great! I really like your post!

  4. The rose pin was an unexpected, beautiful touch in an already beautiful group of images. Lovely!