Thursday, February 17, 2011

Guard the gates of hell just one more night

So sometimes I "borrow" clothing, while I was living in Perth, I was without "my" beloved Misfits t-shirt for too many years, and now I can, for a little while at least, get around in it...

So that's how I have been kicking it lately.

Between that and smashing back lamingtons... Clarendon Bakery, you guys have been all right my whole life.

Pictured: Black bowler hat, thrifted, Misfits t-shirt, borrowed, Witchery Leggings, Zu Suede Shoes, Vintage Leopard scarf, Mimco Bag, Marc Jacobs Watch, Palas Horse- shoe Ring, Wolf Ring from General Pants & Co. and Giorgio Armani Sunglasses.


  1. i love your wonderful accesories, especially the guitar watch!!love it:)
    let's be friend and following each other, let me know with your comment in my post, cheer yaa ;)

  2. Thanks so much. Your blog is super cute!

  3. awesome outfit! love the rings too :)