Thursday, January 20, 2011

Walk Like An Egyptian

I think it is because of my mother.
She is and has always been a little Egypt mad.
All I know is, the skirt was hers, and she used to make dresses for me like the one above.
I recently saw The Bangles live, and they indeed played that song. But as nice as they were, Pat Benatar (whom I worship and have had a poster of up in my room since the 80's) blew them out of the water. She was a force to be beheld.
I did the Cleopatra look for a dance themed party once upon a time, that outfit was cool. But I am far too lazy to dig out an old pic of that and scan it, so instead, here is me with Caitlin, who is one of the most beautiful and clever women I have and no doubt will, ever know. She is an incredible woman who I will forever look up to. For the record at that particular shindig, I went as The Child-Like Empress from the Never Ending Story.

Pictured: Men's Panama hat, thrifted, black tee, Egyptian Skirt Vintage, Wittner wedge boots.


  1. i love everything!! the skirt is soooo fun and the hat is awesome. Looks great!

  2. Thanks hun! Mum saw I have been wearing her skirt, and I think it made her sad and nostalgic. I can not take that hat off, and thank goodness cause it is so hot here! x

  3. That skirt is so so cute! It reminds me of a cute 50s woman haha. I love plain skirts/dresses etc with patterns around the bottom :)

  4. Yes, thanks! Print or pattern around the hem line can be fun and flattering! x