Friday, December 24, 2010

Here Comes Your Man

There is little secret to my eclectic tastes. These do not differ when it comes to gentlemen and style. I adore Nerd for finding a ton of amazing images, and thought I would also share some of my own favorites.

In the mix is a pic of me (being a ham) in my own Nerd look, taken in 2009. My jacket is vintage, the top with red bow is Karen Walker. Whilst I could rattle on about why I love each of these men and their style, I'll leave this one for you to imagine.

The first image is Thomas Hardy one of my favorite authors (Tess is my favorite book ever), David Bowie couldn't be more beautiful, Sam Rockwell is probably my favorite actor, he is consistently incredible and Moon was such a treat last year. John Corbett is just to die for. My crush for him has never faltered since Northern Exposure. Tony Perkins rocks it in corduroy as well as my beloved Woody Allen. Ryan Adams is just too great in this red bow and leather jacket, Mandy Moore is one lucky lady. And finally, who didn't love Duckie in Pretty in Pink? But I must admit I can not get enough of Andrew McCarthy.
Too much love, I have for gents with style. Possibly will need to make a second Man-style-love post.

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