Saturday, September 25, 2010

Behind The Scenes of Chaos

A Little Touch Of Chaos is well underway, we have a few more costumes to finish and we are ready to Tech-dress.

I think I have cut out about 600 fabric flowers, and am busily handsewing them together to make beautiful head pieces for our brief but colourful Hippy scene. Here is a photo of me wearing one! Love them.

My crew are sewing bows and hearts onto the monsterous wedding dress and even more flowers onto our green hippy dress. There are colourful pockets amongst the conservative Bretheren gear, and after our hair and makeup trials, I know it will all come together perfectly. I want the navy crepe bell sleaved t-shirt dress I had them make up for one character, it is so gorgeous. And the same characters black leather vintage backpack was such a great find. I can not wait to show you photos! The rehearsals are going so well. I have laughed and cried already, can't wait to see the full run with band in costume!

Tickets are available now from Bocs. Book online at the Bocs website. We run from Sat the 9th of October to the 16th at The Subiaco Arts Centre.

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