Saturday, August 21, 2010

It has been CHAOS!

Far too busy to do anything, outside of my work on Chaos and classes, I have neglected you. Sad. I have been in a very deep relationship with water colour paper, paints and pencils as I drew my costume renderings for A Little Touch of Chaos.

I am so excited to finally present them to the cast on Monday, and hear our first read.

As my time at WAAPA is coming to a close, I am preparing myself for work outside in the 'real world' and I can not wait. It will be a welcome change and challenge.

I shall miss my peers terribly and hope we can collaborate in the future. There will always be Prague!

That is all for now. - Nelle.

Loving Right Now:

-The polling booth being across the road from our house on election day. Was very tempted to wander across in my pj's. Happy that I managed to vote in half my pj's.
- Dashing down to grab a coffee from Mia's in the rain.
- Grandiflora; Spring is so close!
- The promise that my Adelaide friends are only ten weeks away.
- Ragtime WAAPA Third Year Musical.
- Having a new phone with email, so much easier doing business!
- Iced Vo-Vo's

Disliking Right Now:

- That I will soon not see my beloved Perth friends for a while.
- That the key broke off in my drivers side of the car and I have to climb in through the passengers seat until I can get it serviced! In heels, this is just no good at all.
- The fear that the party I voted for will loose the election!

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