Friday, May 21, 2010

The search for life. Plant-life.

Joking Apart. 
Time for production work.
Find assistants.
Compose lists.
Shout "Hoorah" each time an item is ticked off. 
Track down ute. 
Borrow key for ute. 
Pile in too many people. 
Hope that I do not crash. 
Drive out to list of locations. 
Get lost.
Curse at the GPS system and rely on instinct instead. 
Avoid being hit by oncoming traffic as we climb out and run across busy road ways with branches and trees from the verge. 
Discover how little people are wanting to donate. 
Discover that the plants promised equate to tiny pots with either dead twigs or small flowering plants. 
Flowering plants, with one flower per pot. 
Drive back and forth to add to our pile. 
Feel pile is growing but would like to grow far bigger, much faster. 
Explore op shops for glasses and mugs. 
Discover that I have designed with my parents kitchen items in mind.
Kitchen items from the 70s.
Kitchen items that are in another city.
Discover that said items aren't so easy to find, wonder if people are holding onto them like my parents. 
Give it up people!
Find desired glasses and discover that some match. 
Some match despite being found on opposite sides of the city.
But "Hoorah"!
Hope that this is the last of it. 
Actually want to do homework and not drive ute.
Come in to discover set nearly finished and feel wave of excitement.
Wish that I could turn set into a tree house/ cubby and hide away inside.
Hear Pirates of the Caribbean theme song in head for fourth time in one day.
Decide it is time for the weekend. 

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