Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I AM Alice in Wonderland

Monday, October 09, 2006 (an old blog, but a good one).

So, this story is true, and unbelievable. I was ready for work on Sunday half an hour early. So I figured I'd go to work and read Jayne Eyre to pass the time.

I got out my front door, and there on my door step was a big fluffy white rabbit. A BIG FLUFFY WHITE RABBIT! No kidding. I was like, this is not normal. Even for me. So I sat with it for a bit, until it decided to hop away. But it stopped, turned around as if to imply "You coming?" So I began to walk after it. I figured if you come across a white rabbit, you follow it right? This doesn't happen everyday. So I am walking around, following a rabbit, and I left my handbag on my doorstep even! But I had my phone. So by the end of the street, it turned the corner and stopped. It stayed on the footpath the entire time too. I was walking on the road, but it stuck to the path. So I looked around and saw a green sign that said "Lost: A big white bunny". So I crossed the road and the bunny waited while I knocked on the door. But there was no answer. I went back to the sign and called their number. The owners were not close by, so I suggested trying to pick him up, and put him in their backyard, or chase him into my yard so they could pick him up later. By that time there were a few other concerned residents who came by to help me, one of whom knew the owners and had found the bunny a few months back when it had gotten out. So we tried to catch him for about 20 mins, chasing him back and forth down our street, when eventually we picked him up and carried him back to their backyard. He was so cute! And I still managed to make it to work on time, despite my adventures. Today there was a sign on their fence saying a big thankyou to all the neighbors who helped find Snowey. And that they were thinking of calling him Hodini from then on. So I guess I am Alice Kinda, but I am not sure what I learned of the experience, except that I really want a big white fluffy rabbit!

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