Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day one (recent trip down south)

On holiday down south of WA. With family and Daniel. Adventures and observations to follow...

Day one…
Woke up in what seems to be hippys-ville. Momentary confusion; followed by recognition of foreign place. In hindsight, the name “Innercraft” should have given it away. Beautiful cottages in bushland, with stained glass dolphins aplenty. Ahuh.
Mmm, breakfast of gluten free cereal and Casa yoghurt, eaten out on the deck overlooking the tiny birds flitting between the trees. This is good. As good as finding that I had no cell reception (yey no one can contact me at all!). Pile into the hire car and drive down to wander through the gardens of Voyager Estate. Sit back with a teapot, homemade jam and scones. Oh and this time we remembered to pay as we left (last year- we sorta forgot). Wine tastings on the way out. Since Voyager’s 2007 Shiraz beat Penfolds I had to try it. One bottle added to the collection, and a pack of six amazing grape juices- you have to try them!!!
Onto Leeuin Estate, housing a fairly decent art collection. After some driving around in the wrong direction for hmm… let’s say an hour, we stopped off at a brewery. Not my thing, but hey, we weren’t there long, and there were geese. With animals around, not even beer can ruin things. (Did I just loose part of my audience?) We stopped off at the distillery for il Gelato vanilla bean ice cream and a shot of macadamia liqure. I didn’t think that ice cream could get better, I was wrong. Crocodiles and blow up doll men with George Clooney’s face were to be anticipated here, but at least the latter was somewhat of a surprise.

Driving around I read Joking Apart- my mid-year show, which made me laugh out loud from the first page, definitely a good sign. Looking forward to that project, tennis courts and all. We tried to eat at Providore, but alas, it was closing early. Skipping through the organic veggie patch was cool though. Hungry at this point, we booked into dinner and headed to Bussleton to wander down to the jetty. How late our booking seemed… but it was worth the wait, since it was in an old homestead and I got two entrees. Scallops= melty melt. Episodes of 30 Rock with the ever funny Salma Hayek before crashing and that’s day one. Xx

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