Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Waistcoat

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 photo SeedLederville_zps11c40537.jpg
Seed Heritage Waistcoat (similar by Wish here), Saba Flag Print T-Shirt, Dr. Denim Jeans, Isabel Marant Bekket Sneakers, Lack Of Color Fedora, Tom Ford Glasses.

A waistcoat can be a pretty superfluous item of clothing. They do little to warm the body, but can add an unexpected touch to an outfit, and ultimately express a little extra personality. Worn either casually like this over jeans and a t-shirt, or with a corporate look, a waistcoat will give you something different. As a transpersonal piece, it can make for an excellent layering item, or simply a versatile piece to throw over a regularly worn outfit, to give it a refresh. I mean, given the look I am in above, jeans and a t-shirt is nothing new, but the vest makes it a little more unique.

This waistcoat, an oversized double breasted waistcoat from Seed Heritage was one piece I could not walk away from. I picked this one up on sale, unpinned the tag and draped it over myself before I even got back to the car. It is a loose, somewhat man-style piece that I have since worn with a dress, a pair of shorts and of course jeans. Although this is by far a non-vital wardrobe piece, I can not recommend enough a waistcoat or vest just to try something a little different.
This week I have decided to share this item two ways. Obviously, the first is pretty laid back, I wore it to breakfast the other morning in Leederville, around which we later wandered- snapping photos, window shopping and checking out the farmers markets.

Leederville is a good spot for late night food, has a bunch of cool stores, a great cinema and cafes. The best place to grab food is from Duende, which is all about Spanish tapas and incredible sherry. If you thought sherry was an outdated addition to the forgotten Fortified's etc section of the menu, you were wrong! Sherry can be amazing, and much to my delight, super dry rather than sweet.
My next look in this two-ways-to-wear will be up later this week. I did notice that Revolve have a huge section on vests and waistcoats so I will add that link below for you to check out.
Photos by Mario Recchia
xx Jenelle

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